Friday, March 4, 2011

Blade Runner Prequel talks! Where is Ridley Scott?

Ok, so late last night I caught wind of there being talks about the creation of a new movie in the Blade Runner universe. I also learned that so far, Ridley Scott is not involved?! How can you even talk about making a Blade Runner without Scott at the helm?

Apparently, Alcon Entertainment the same folks who brought us such unforgettable films as The Blindside and The Book of Eli, have purchased the rights to make a film based on the original characters and setting as the original Blade Runner and are currently toying with multiple ideas for the sequel/prequel, including a web series or full length film.
I find the part about a possible web series interesting, because I believe a few years ago Ridley Scott and his son were rumored to be working with RSA Films on that same concept. They were rumored to be producing 10-15 minute shorts that would be available online, that would be based in the Blade Runner universe; to my knowledge nothing has come to fruition to date in that regard.

However, this new news which is making a splash across most of the major new outlets this morning has some weight to it, but indications are that the folks at Alcon are remaining extremely tight lipped about what they are up to. “We have some ideas that we’re not in a position to discuss yet,” Andrew Kosove, Alcon’s co-CEO was quoted by EW as saying, but he goes on in his interview to discuss the relevance of the original 1982 Scott film to our current times and how revisiting the film and its theme about what it means to be human are so appropriate to the current state of the world (at least in the developed countries). Let's see what happens!

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