Friday, March 4, 2011

John Galliano, WTF Mate?

Let me start off saying a few things, before I dive into the story, etc.....

Firstly, the image commemorating John Galliano's time with Dior was shot by Simon Proctor and is being used from the blog of Jed Root, which is an agency in NYC that didn't hire me for whatever reason, after I met the owner Jed Root, who strangely reminds me of John Galliano somehow...
The part I find particularly interesting about this image and the fact that it is still up on the Jed Root blog (and likely Simon Proctor's personal site) is that, neither Jed Root or the photographer have an issue owning up to or displaying the fact that they are supportive of John Galliano and his anti-judaic attitude by still advertising and exhibiting a story including him digitally.

Secondly, but pardon the expression John, there are some things that are just not kosher and I think you successfully discovered that one.... I provide the link to his anti-jewish rant below for those who haven't seen it yet.

Just an FYI, the following is offensive:

So apparently John Galliano has a problem with jewish folks and loves Adolf Hitler.


Well, while he is entitled to his own beliefs and I would never criticize for that, this was one of those situations where another stupid, arrogant, ignorant, fashion victim has decided he is high and mighty enough to unleash his racial bias and low class attitude in a public venue. Thank you John for showing the world that you are a bigot. While I am happy that he outed himself as a Jew hating piece of La Merde publicly and internationally, at the same time I am sad because not only do racist attitudes pervade the fashion industry, but they also are pervasive in society as a whole, it is just rarer that there is a moment where the curtain is pulled back and people are able to clearly see people for who or what they are.

My beliefs are similar to that of the Inglorious Basterds in a manner of speaking.

After time, Mr. Galliano will be able to wash his hands of his indiscretion and will eventually work again (think Michael Vick, Kate Moss, David Duke, Strom Thurmond, etc.) All of these folks did something very against the grain and were eventually allowed back into the limelight (or never left in some cases) and they have managed to carry on like very little really ever happened. I don't believe that this should be ok at all. Particularly in Mr. Galliano's case. I realize that he will loose some money in the immediate future due to him becoming a social pariah because of his outward expression of hate, but after the smoke clears, he will be back to it like it never happened and what he said and did will be forgotten. This shouldn't be the case.

Galliano should have to wear his racism and bigotry on the outside from now on and see how he fares!

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